Infernal Cape Service

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Pure without Twisted Bow:

The run will cost: 499m

We only use Discord for direct contact with our team:

We are offering Infernal Cape Services in OSRS done via 2 different methods:

:694536742031589434: 1: If you can hold a stable internet-connection for the duration of 1-2 hours we will control your mouse via a remote control app called Teamviewer.
( 350+ Capes completed / 6 cape removals )

:694536742031589434: 2: If you cannot hold a stable internet-connection, or nobody from your country is available, we will provide you with our Admin for the cape-run, we will buy a Proxy IP address from your country, you will then provide your account details, and he will finish the run on his PC.
( 300+ Capes completed / 0 cape removals )

Copy the exact gear from the picture.

The run will take +- 2 hours to complete.

Join our Discord to start your order.

We offer multiple other Services related to the Inferno:

- 6 Jad Challenge (Must have 1kc already)
- Achievement Diary Tasks (Must be related to the Inferno)
- Pet Hunts (Multiple runs for a cheaper price)

Join our discord and create a ticket to get a price quote!

A display of our skills at the Inferno:

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