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Pure's account selection:

At the moment we only sell our accounts through Discord, so please join our Discord server, create a ticket, and typ in the ID number of the account you'd like to purchase.

Price: 1289m

ID: 00141

Price: 1421m

ID: 00148

Price: 1438m

ID: 00161

Pures Account Shop:

Interested in buying a account?
Join our discord server to start direct contact with our team

We only accept Oldschool GP as a payment method, dont have any GP? Join our discord and they will re-direct you.

We from Infernocape.com have provided Oldschool-Runescape Services since 2017.

We ensure all accounts sold by us are hand-made and will never be recovered.

We have a small group of long-time workers, that create all the accounts we sell.

We can proudly present we have never had an account recovered by any of our staff in 5 years.

Join our official Discord server to read our reviews.

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